Stamp Design

A postage stamp requires 3 components:

  • Denomination (cost or prepayment of delivery)
  • Country name
  • Graphic design (image/symbol and layout)

Activity: Design a postage stamp for Ireland

Possible themes:
The seasons
Our National Identity (symbols of Ireland)
Irish animals and wildlife

HB and 2B pencil
A4 or A3 paper
€1 or €2 euro coin


  •     Examine the postage stamps from a number of different countries     
  •     Brainstorm your theme and create a list      
  •     Source images based on your theme     
  •     Make simple line drawings of these images     
  •     Trace half of a coin in order to make the perforated border      
  •     Draw a border      
  •     Use grid lettering (block lettering) to write Eire/Ireland and the cost
        (You can change the dimensions of the lettering)      
  •     Create a composition, combining image with text (you can overlap the
        image with the text, but the text must always be legible)     
  •     The composition for a stamp can be portrait or landscape      
  •     Paint or add colour to your stamp design


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