Block Printing

A template is prepared by carving away, using sharp tools, the areas you choose to remain white. The relief template is inked and a print taken either on paper or fabric. The areas in relief will print the colour of the ink or dye.


Wood block printing

A very old method that originated in China around 220 A.D. A pattern or image is carved into a block of wood using wood cutting tools. German Expressionist artists, such as Max Pechstein, Emil Nolde, and Erich Heckel, reengaged with this ancient method in the 1900s making it a popular art form in Europe.


Lino printing

Lino works in the same way as a wood block, however, instead of a block of wood, a piece of linoleum is used. Lino printing is easier and safer as the tools do not need to be as sharp. Therefore, lino is often the preferred medium in schools.

Potato printing

Cut a potato in half and work on the flat surface of the potato. Lino cutting tools or a craft knife can be used to cut out a pattern or image on the surface of the potato. The potato print can then be used to create a repeat pattern (wrapping paper, gift cards, wallpaper etc.).


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