Hogan: Description of Ireland, in 1598

Pdf Hogan, Edmund. The Description of Ireland, and the State thereof as it is at this Present, in anno 1598. Dublin: M.H. Gill & Son, 1878.
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Edmund Ignatius Hogan (1831-1917), born in Co. Cork, was an Irish historian, priest and Irish-language scholar. He entered the Jesuit order at the age of sixteen and was educated at the Jesuit College in Rome. He worked both in Ireland and on the Continent and was one of the founders of the Sacred Heart College in Limerick. He became Professor of Irish Language and History at UCD and was elected Todd Professor by the Royal Irish Academy. 

He published a large number of workings including An Irish Phrase Book (1891), The History of the Irish Wolfhound (1897), and Onomasticon Goedelicum: An Index to Irish Names of Places and Tribes (1910). The latter work, largely based on the works of John O’Donovan, remains a standard volume on Irish place names. He was also involved in editing a number of Latin and Irish texts including editions of the hagiographical accounts of the life of Saint Patrick by Tirechán and Muirchú.

Among his earlier works A Description of Ireland in 1598 was published in Dublin in 1878. Based on an unpublished manuscript from the archives in Rome the text gives a brief description of Irish counties and the principle families inhabiting them. Hogan’s accompanying notes offer an impressive amount of geographical, historical and genealogical information.

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