Williamstown — History Marched Down Its Street

This article was published in the 'The Connacht Tribune' on Saturday, July 21, 1956.

Williamstown, the village that was called not after an English king but an Irish barrister! The village is not quite 150 years old but in its time the streets have seen many changes. How did it get its name?

A daughter of Mr. Kelly of Springfield House, owner of the land on which the town now stands, married Mr. William McDermott, KC of Boyle. Miss Kelly was a noted beauty and her father gave her a present of the land and she and her husband set about building the town. When it was finished she gave it the name of Williamstown. It stands in the historic parish of Templetogher where St Patrick held a mission and where the baptismal font used by him is still to be seen.

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