Historic Film Clips Collection

A collection of over 30 film clips covering historic events in Ireland and bringing notable people in history to life. View events such as the Dublin strikes, the Easter Rising, signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921, Civil War, Michael Collins' funeral, the Eucharistic Congress, the Londonderry riots in 1969, the Common Market Referendum and the signing of the Hillsborough Agreement. The footage provides the opportunity to see key figures of our recent past in action including Éamon de Valera, Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith, Countess Markievicz, William T.  Cosgrave, Edward Carson, Liam Cosgrave and Jack Lynch.  

The film clips cover a range of time from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1980s and are courtesy of the Irish Film Archive, Gael Linn, British Pathe News, British Movietone and ITN Source.

Date Event
1900 Queen Victoria visits Ireland
1912 Signing of the Ulster Covenant
1913-1923 Dublin Strikes & a Decade of Unrest
1915 World War 1 recruitment
1916 Easter Rising
1917 Release of Prisoners of the Rising
1918 British Parliament veto Home Rule
1920 War of Independence: Terence McSwiney dies on hunger strike
1920 War of Independence: Bloody Sunday and aftermath
1920 War of Independence: Intimidation of Catholics in Belfast
1921 War of Independence: Custom House fire
1921 War of Independence: Truce between British Forces and Irish Republican Army
1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiation and signing
1922 King George V visits Northern Ireland
1922 Griffith's New Dáil Cabinet
1922 Dublin Castle handed over to the Irish Free State
1922 Civil War: De Valera and supporters walk out of Dáil Chamber
1922 Civil War: Battle of the Four Courts
1922 Civil War: Destruction of Dublin
1922 Civil War: Funeral of Michael Collins
1922 Civil War: Cumann na nGaedhal new Cabinet; W.T. Cosgrave. Kevin O'Higgins, Rory O'Connor
1932 Amelia Earhart first female solo flight across the Atlantic
1932 31st International Eucharistic Congress Dublin
1937 President W.T. Cosgrave Speech on Disarmament and World Peace
1938 First President of Ireland: Dr. Douglas Hyde
1957 Electrification of Connemara
1958 First Transatlantic Flight for Aer Lingus
1960s Dublin's Building Programme
1920s-1960s Dublin: Old and New
1963 President Kennedy Visits Ireland
1963 The Beatles come to Ireland
1965 Anglo-Éire Free Trade Pact Signed 
1966 Nelson's Pillar Bombed
1969 Londonderry Riots
1972 Voting in the European Common Market Referendum
1973 Sunningdale Agreement Signed
1985 Hillsborough Agreement Signed

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