The County Home

Fr. Killian from his presbytery in Carlow wrote directly to President Cosgrave on 15th April 1923 seeking to have the "perfectly impossible conditions in which we have been placed by the Army" resolved swiftly. Cosgrave represented the constituency of Carlow Kilkenny in the Dail.

A week later Dr. Dwyer, Inspector of the Local Government Department reported on accommodation of the "workhouse inmates" in their new home at the Barracks.

The main building, first and second floors was reserved for bedridden cases, the extreme left wing to be a maternity hospital.

The ground floor, at this time still stables, was to house a kitchen with a steamer or boiler to supply the whole institution. The stable next to it was to be turned into a dining hall. The remaining stables to be floored, extra light provided and to be used as dormitories and day rooms for infirm and insane men and women. The present clothing store was to remain.

The staff sergeants house to be used as a provision store. Homes on the left side to be used as offices and board room. The canteens were to be converted into a church and adjoining building turned into a mortuary.

Dwyer observed that "a considerable amount of good work had been done for the money expended". He recommended that the drains should be tested and electric light extended to the ground floor.

He was willing to sanction a second 500 with a note that further payment would depend on plan specifications and estimates being approved first. The Board acknowledged receipt of a further advance of 550 on 25th June 1923.

By October Rev. J. Killian, Chairman of the Board felt that they had secured a permanent County Home in Carlow. He said he had accepted the position of Chairman in order to help secure this objective and he tendered his resignation. It was unanimously resolved that he consider his decision and retain his position as chairman of the Board of Health until a new Board had been appointed.

However, on the 26th November Rev. J. Killian appeared before the Board and "in view of the possible action of the Military Authorities to resume possession of the present County Home [the Barracks]" he decided to continue as chairman during this new threat.

There were 171 inmates in the County Home at this time.

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