The Minute Books

There are 130 volumes of Poor Law Guardian Minutes for Carlow Union 2nd March 1845 - 10th March 1923, including some rough Minute Books.

The prescribed layout of the Minute Book of 1845 differs from that for 1882. In 1845 Minutes were allocated eight pages while the 1882 Minutes were allocated twenty pages. A examination of the two years yields the following heading and subsection format: -


1. Return of Paupers
2. Chairman and List of Guardians Present
3. Clerk's Report on the execution of Orders
4. Treasurer's Book of Receipts and Payments
5. Clerk's Account of Petty Disbursements
6. The Collectors' Books Accounts
7. The Weekly Relief List and Abstract
8. The Provision Check Account
9. The Provision Receipt and Consumption Account
10. The Master's Estimate of Provisions and Necessaries
11. The Several Clothing Accounts
12. The Medical Officers' Books
13. Establishment Account
14. Invoice Account
15. Clerk's Account of Vaccination
16. Report of the Visiting Committee
17. Reports of the Master and other Officers
18. Orders of the Poor Law Commissioners
19. Letters from the Poor Law Commissioners
20. Provisional Admissions to Workhouse and applications for admission
21. Bonds and other Securities


New headings to the Minute Book are shown in italics and headings marked with an asterix have more detail added:

1. Population in 1871
2. Present Net Annual Value
3. State of the Workhouse *
4. Return of Destitute Persons by Relief Lists
5. Chairman and List of Guardians Present
6. The Workhouse Register
7. The Out-door Relief Register
8. Clerk's Report on the Execution of Orders
9. The Ledger
10. The Treasurers' Book of Receipts and Payments
11. Weekly Balance Sheets of Collectors
12. Lodgements of Rates from Electoral Divisions
13. Clerk's Account of Petty Disbursements
14. Weekly Relief List and Abstract
15. Provision Check Account
16. Provision Receipt and Consumption Account (costs for Fever Hospital and Infirmary separately listed) *
17. The Masters' Estimate of Provisions and Necessaries
18. The Several Clothing Account
19. The Medical Officers Books
20. Out-door Relief lists/Expenditure of Relieving Officer
21. Abstract of Out-door Relief lists
22. Requirements of Relieving Officers
23. Establishment Account
24. Workhouse Invoice Account
25. Clerk's Report of Vaccination
26. Visiting Committee
27. Reports of Master and other Officers
28. Orders of the Local Government Board for Ireland *
29. Letters from the Local Government Board of Ireland *
30. Provisional Relief and Admissions and Applications for Relief *
31. Bonds and Securities
32. Estimate of Medicines (Dispensary Districts)
33. Invoice of Medicines (Dispensary Districts)
34. Expenses/Salaries under Medical Charities Act
35. List of Ratepayers to Management of Dispensary Districts
36. Orders of Local Govt. Board for Ireland (re Medical Charities Act)
37. Letters from the Local Govt.Board (re Medical Charities Act)
38. Reports of Sanitary Officers
39. Letters from Local Government Board (re Sanitary Matters)
40. Expenses under the Public Health (Ireland) Act 1878
41. Signature of Clerk of Union with date of next meeting

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