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In ancient times Fionn and the Fianna were the army of the high kings of Ireland . They protected the king from invasion, and from anyone who might want to kill him and take the throne. Fionn Mac Cumhaill was the best leader the Fianna ever had.

One of Fionn's favourite pastimes was hunting in the Glenasmole in the Upper Dodder Valley . Fionn often hunted with his two favourite dogs, Bran and Sceolan. They mainly hunted the red deer and the Great Irish Elk, which is now extinct.

One of the mountains overlooking Glenasmole is called Seefin, which means "the seat of Finn". Fionn and the Fianna were supposed to have feasted there after the hunt.

Once Fionn and a party of the Fianna were out hunting, in pursuit of a large stag in Glenasmole. They came upon three beautiful women who offered them food and drink. It was a hot day and Fionn and his men were glad to accept the offer. They sat on the soft grass and no sooner had they drank from the cups when a paralysis overcame them, and though they could see and speak, they could not move.

The three women then brought spears and swords and stood in front of the Fianna warriors. "We have heard of Fionn the mighty", said one of them, "and it is the wish of our queen that he should be her husband".

But one of the women was taking an interest in Diarmid, one of the Fianna. He was called "Diarmid of the love spot", and it was said that no woman could shield her heart from him. She moved closer to him, and as she did, found that she could not resist kissing him. As soon as they kissed, the spell was broken, and the beautiful young women turned into withered old witches. Fionn and the other Fianna killed the three witches and fled.

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