Connemara, Co. Galway

Conamara, Co. Gaillimhe


Connemara is a western region of Co. Galway on a wide peninsula between both Killary Harbour and Kilkieran Bay. The name is often inaccurately used to describe the area beyond Lough Corrib or encompassing the Irish-speaking Gaeltacht which lies west of Galway City. The Connemara area was traditionally divided into northern and southern portions with the Twelve Bens or Pins and the Owenglin River marking the boundary.


The Connemara hills and mountains are popular with hillwalkers and climbers. The ranges include the Twelves Bens or Pins and the Mamturks on either sides of the Inagh Valley or Glen Inagh. Many of the peaks rise above 2,000 ft. The Carrot Ridge is in the north side of Binn an tSaigdiúra and is the longest rock climb in Ireland.

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