Cork's Noise Action Plan

Similar to the Dublin example, Cork City Council has made a Noise Action Plan under directives from the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006. This plan maps out places near major roads in the City Council’s administrative area, which have more than six million vehicle passages per year. The maps illustrate the noise levels generated by traffic, in a range between 50dB to 75dB. The noise levels are banded and colour coded. The national routes that were mapped in Cork City include the N8, N20, N22, N27, N71 and the N25.

Cork County Council has prepared two Noise Action Plans for the Cork area for the period 2013 - 2018. They are available to view here.

Existing Noise Reduction Mitigation Measures

Existing Noise Reduction Mitigation Measures

Taken from Cork City Noise Action Plan (2008)


Residential noise - other side of N8

Taken from Cork City Noise Action Plan (2008)



A list of high priority areas that need to be mitigated to reduce noise levels were produced. The areas are due to be ranked for a more concise overview of the Noise Sensitive areas in Cork City. The Council will review and revise (if necessary) the Noise Action Plan every five years or sooner. The draft noise action plan for 2018-2023 is available here

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