Wildlife : Sika deer can be seen on the higher slopes near the waterfall but they are shy animals and retreat into cover of woodland or forestry if disturbed. They graze on the lower grassland at night when most of the visitors have gone. Badgers are common in the more wooded area and their tracks may be seen in soft ground on some paths. Red squirrels breed in the woodlands and they scavenge leftovers from picnic sites in the valley. There are signs that otters use the river as their droppings (spraints) may be found at various points.

Kestrels breed on cliff ledges near the waterfall and are a regular sight hunting over rough grassland and heather. Peregrines also nest here and they prey on wood pigeons as well as on other small number of stock doves that breed near the waterfall. The woodlands have a number of migrant songbirds in summer including chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, and occasionally , wood wood warbler. Both sparrowhawk and long-eared owl hunt small birds among the trees. The distinctive call of the rare nightjar has been heard here at dusk on summer evenings.

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