The Irish Greening Communities Programme aims to enhance coordination and collaboration between the public, private, non-governmental and voluntary sector organisations in the area of sustainable development in Ireland. This programme will provide support and help to empower individuals, communities, businesses and institutions to adopt more environmentally sustainable habits and behaviours, in the most economically efficient manner possible.

The development of the concept of this programme was as a result of the conclusions and recommendations of the National Conference on ‘Greening Irish Communities’ which was held on the 27th April 2009 at Farmleigh, Dublin. The presentations from the conference can be found on the EPA website. 

As identified at the Farmleigh Conference, there are a number of communities that are currently engaged in “greening” their own community. In terms of programmes and initiatives (both national and local), a database has been created. Programme/initiatives have been identified in a number of sectors. The mapping of current activities and the availability of resources is an on-going project and will be enhanced by the involvement of the Local Authority and community groups.  


In response to the conference objectives, the following has been undertaken:

  • A Steering Group has been formed to undertake a structural approach to the creating a programme. This Steering group functions to co-ordinate with the larger National Consultative Network Committee, which has members from local authorities, Government agencies, and active environmental interest groups.

  • A core objective of the programme is to document the Network of greening initiatives currently being throughout the country and engage with communities that are involved in these initiatives. To facilitate this process, a mapping investigation is being undertaken and documented on this site.

  • Greening Community Demonstration Projects are also being used to document the “Greening Community” process (four projects for 2011). These projects will inform the development of the certification methodology.


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