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Docklands Business Forum

The Docklands Business Forum (DBF) promotes collaborative initiatives and strategic planning between member businesses, with a view to encouraging stronger working relationships and maximising economic, social, physical and environmental impact through collective effort.

Dublin Docklands

Over the past decade the Dublin Docklands Area has seen huge investment and regeneration and has been transformed into one of the fastest growing micro-economies in Europe. The success of Dublin Docklands means that it is now a blueprint for other cities around the world seeking to convert their run-down inner cities into contemporary and internationally popular residential and business districts.

The docklands region is home to over 500 businesses employing 38,000 full time staff.  The area is attractive to both national and multinational business and boasts some of the world’s largest companies as residents.  Some of the world’s leading international businesses continue to choose the Dublin Docklands as the location of their headquarters including Accenture, O2, Commerzbank, Facebook, Google and Citi. The first meeting of the newly formed CSR and Environment group of the Docklands Business Forum took place on March 8th. The following initiatives will be undertaken by the group for 2011:

  • Dublinbikes Scheme: This scheme was initiated in 2010 and a petition representing over 20,000 workers in the Docklands was sent to Dunlin City Council. To date no additional bikes have been deployed to the docklands area. The committee will contact DCC to request an update on the schedule for the area. New members to the DBF will be given the opportunity to support the bike petition.
  • Smarter Travel Workplaces (STW): The STW works with organizations that employ 250 people or more. The STW project manager has agreed to work with small and medium businesses in the docklands area as a cluster in order to meet the required number of employees.    As part of the STW, an annual Pedometer Challenge is run for a month in the Autumn. The DBF will run its own Pedometer Challenge as part of the STW project. An STW representative will be invited to attend the May meeting of the group to help devise an action plan.
  • Annual Event: The committee will host an annual event highlighting case studies from member companies. Companies that present their best practice will be given the opportunity to buddy with smaller organizations to help them identify and implement beneficial environmental measures. As a forerunner the event, a survey will be sent to members to establish a baseline for environmental achievements and issues.

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