Greening Communities

There are an abundance of initiatives taking place in Ireland, which facilitate and recognise increasing levels of sustainable environmental behaviour and activity. These programmes are taking place in the home, in schools, in communities and in the workplace (e.g. TidyTowns, National Spring Clean, Greenbusiness, Green-Schools, Transitions Towns, and Power of One). Many of these initiatives are being facilitated by Local Authorities, national organisations and agencies. However, the success of these activities is based on the commitment and drive of local communities.  

As there is such a wide range of initiatives, an overarching framework (Greening Communities Programme) is currently being developed which aims to prevent duplication and increase effectiveness. It will also recognise and acknowledge community contribution.

Four demonstration projects have been nominated for 2011, as listed below. Different types of communities have been chosen as to test the effectiveness of greening each community type. The approach to the greening communities process will be tailored for each project through the demonstration process.

THEME                                                LOCATION/PROJECT

Business Community                      Docklands Business Forum

Greening Events                               Wexford Opera Festival

Communal Gardens                       Wicklow County Area

Village Community                           Roscommon (Frenchpark)

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