Changes in Types of Actions

Governance has challenged governments to get things done because they are opting for soft policy measures – policies that encourage or facilitate actions by people instead of regulating things.

Governments promote policies or change by informing people through information campaigns and funding. Some actions are by businesses, e.g. green hotels, and others by the general public, e.g. waste reduction and health. However, these campaigns are not always successful because some people choose not to change what they are doing. This means that the government’s goals may, or may not, be achieved.

Funding is provided by the government to encourage certain actions. Two types of funding may apply here: 1) funded projects and 2) incentives for participating in government campaigns. Funded projects, e.g. LA21 projects, are local specific actions carried out by community groups, schools and environmental NGOs to bring people together and improve the environment. Incentives have been given to people when they participate in government campaigns. Both types of funding encourage action but success depends on people taking part. When it comes down to it – our daily choices and activities determine what happens.


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