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The Natterjack Toad is one of the three amphibians found in Ireland and is the only species of toad found here. The other two amphibians in Ireland are the Common Frog and the Smooth Neut.

They love to feed on all kinds of insects, but their favourites are moths, spiders, woodlice, snails and worms. On this diet, they can live for up to fifteen years!

Natterjack Toads enjoy habitats with sandy soil. They are nocturnal creatures, which means that they only like to come out at night. They are extremely rare in Ireland, and can only be found scampering through the sandy dunes of a few areas in County Kerry!

How to Recognise a Natterjack Toad?

These toads have a fairly flat body, with short little limbs and feet that aren't completely webbed. Their eyes are green/ gold in colour with black pupils, and they have a yellow stripe that runs all the way down their backs. The rest of the toad's body is a pale brown/ olive colour. They even have reddish-brown and green warts all over their backs!

Did you know?

Natterjack Toads can lighten or darken their skin so they can camoflauge themselves in the environment and stay hidden from predators!

It is claimed that Natterjack Toads are Europe's noisiest amphibian, and the call of the male can be heard from over several kilometers away!