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The sea-shore is the place where the sea meets the land. It is usually quite flat, with sandy beaches and clusters of rocks. We are lucky in Ireland to have so many stretches of beautiful beaches and seashores. You could have so much fun exploring the rock pools, sand dunes and beach for signs of life! Most of the time the sea-shore looks quiet and deserted, but there are lots of tiny animals living under the sand and along the rocks.

Typical rockpool area at the sea-shore

The animals that live along the sea-shore are only underwater for some of the time. This is because twice each day there is a high tide and a low tide. A high tide is when the sea level rises and the water comes all the way up the beach, and a low tide is when the water goes back out again. However, along the shore there are plenty of little water pools where the animals can stay if they want when the tide goes out.

Do you know any of the animals that live along the shore?