Dark Depths

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Between all the islands and continents of the world are the very deepest, darkest, coldest areas of the ocean. Over 80% of the oceans are more than 1,000 metres deep, and these areas don’t get any sunlight at all. This part of the ocean is called the Aphotic Zone.

Even though many fish and plant life couldn’t survive in such dark, cold areas of the ocean, you may be surprised that many animals that make the deepest parts of the ocean their home e.g. giant squid, anglerfish and hatchetfish.

However, life in the deep sea can be very difficult. The only light comes from animals that create their own light from chemical reactions in their bodies. Some fish in the very deepest part of the ocean have adapted to living in darkness and don’t have any eyes, while others have huge eyes that take in any tiny ray of light that appears.

Animals in the deep sea have to adapt to the very cold temperatures, which can come close to freezing. Only the very toughest animals survive in this part of the ocean.