Giant Squid

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The giant squid is the largest invertebrate on Earth. Unlike humans, an invertebrate is an animal without any bone skeleton on the inside. Jelly fish and worms are examples of invertebrates. In fact, over 95% of all the animals on Earth are invertebrates.

As the giant squid lives in very deep, unfriendly parts of the ocean, it is very difficult for scientists to study them. Most of what we know about them is from giant squids that have died and washed up on coasts around the world. The first photos of a live giant squid were only taken in 2004.

Giant squids have eight arms and two long tentacles. These tentacles are used to bring fish and other food to its mouth. They even eat smaller squid!

Interesting facts about giant squids...!

  • They are the largest invertebrates on the Earth.

  • Of all the animals on Earth, giant squids and colossal squids have the largest eyes. Their eyes can be the size of beach balls, and this allows them to find their way around the deep, dark ocean where most animals couldn’t see anything at all.

  • The biggest giant squid ever found was 18 metres long and weighed nearly a ton.

  • A group of giant squids is called a ‘school’.