Deep Sea Hatchetfish

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Some species of hatchetfish live in freshwater streams and rivers, and many people keep them in aquariums, or fish tanks, at home. There are also many hatchetfish species that live in the deep sea. They are tiny little fish, the largest deep sea species growing only 6 inches long.


Hatchetfish cartoon

Can you guess why this fish is called a hatchetfish?

Its slim body is shaped just like a hatchet used for chopping wood!

The hatchetfish have adapted well to the gloomy darkness of the deep sea. It has large, rounded eyes on top of its head that look upwards. This makes it easier for them to spot any food that falls from above. Its eyes are also very sensitive to light and can see the very faintest of light that travels to the deeper waters.

A very special ability of the hatchetfish is that it can create its own light through chemical reactions in its body. They can make themselves lighter or darker to blend in with the shades of light in the water. In this way, they can almost vanish from sight, which helps them to hide from predators.