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There are so many ways that you can do extra research and investigate into many more aspects of Cork history or your area's history. Below are some ideas.

Your local library is an excellent source for all the information you may need: it may have some maps you can look at. Perhaps you could do a project about your area in olden days. Find out more about what your area looked like in the past.

There might be some more photographs or images related to Cork history if you search the website.

Maybe you need some tips on how to be a researcher?  Click on one of the icons below.

Ask Your Librarian or Teacher

Ask your librarian or teacher if they can help you find out about Cork history or your local area's history.

Information you can look out for includes photos and media publications, such as old newspapers, which may provide you with interesting insights.

Not sure exactly what you can ask the librarian for?  Click on the icon for some suggestions.

Other Links has loads of artefacts and evidence from Ireland throughout the centuries, even before your grandparents were born.