Irish Universities

University College Dublin (UCD)

Ireland's largest University - UCD - is striving to maintain and enhance the environment in which its population interact every day. Through their Campus Development Plan they have set a number of aims and goals to help provide a sustainable, healthy, and living Belfield campus. This is not easy though with over 25,000 students, staff and visitors using the Belfield Campus daily.

The Built Environment

In order to provide a more active campus, UCD plan to house 5,000 students on campus within the next five years. Aligned to this aim is providing a range of non-academic, commercial, educational and cultural services on site. All this is aimed at giving the students and the wider Belfield community a more rounded campus life experience and a better blend with the local community. Another part of making the built environment sustainable is a refurbishment scheme for existing buildings, as the campus features award winning architecture. More information on this 24/7 campus project can be found on the Gateway project website.


Public transport to and from the 400 acre site will be improved with a new bus terminus linked to the new gateway entrance plaza. Multi-storey car parks will also be introduced and the surface car parks phased out as UCD provides a more sustainable use of campus lands, and new cycle paths are designed to reduce the amount of traffic.

General Environment

A wide ranging landscaping project will maintain and enhance the Univerisity’s biodiversity.  This includes a 6km track for running, walking or cycling which will take in the 18th and 19th century trees that form the natural boundaries of the college. To save water they hope to collect and use surface water to maintain the landscaped areas.

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