How You Can Be Greener

It is daunting to think about trying to change the world. Instead start thinking about what things you can change in your home, school or work that can help the environment we live in. Every little helps and living a sustainable life will help preserve the earth in its natural state.

An important first step in trying to live sustainably is working out where and how you are wasting energy, money and resources. A quick run through your day - from showering in the morning, driving to work, eating a pre-packed sandwich for lunch, checking your emails and finally boiling the kettle before bed - reveals a whole host of ways that you can cut back and make a difference.

Every individual has a part to play in the collective effort. The public's power is important too, as they have an influence over the goods, services and technologies that businesses produce and have the power to influence government action.

It's easy to make a difference.

A comprehensive carbon calculator is on the carbon calculator section. It helps you evaluate your daily life at home and on the move, although it does not yet include your food and clothing purchases, your waste going to landfill and the water you use

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