The amount of waste you produce relates directly to your environmental impact. A lot of the time household waste ends up in landfills, which are filling up at an increased rate. It is not only the amount of waste we produce, but also how we handle it that has an effect on the quality of the environment and on the prospects of future generations.

The 3Rs (reduce, re-use, recycle) play a major part in creating a sustainable waste management structure. Read on to find out how you can implement the 3 R's into your everyday life.

Curtail using disposable items like kitchen towels, face wipes, disposable razors and paper and plastic cups.

Reduce packaging by buying in bulk and using refillable containers, having junk mail blocked from your house and by buying more fruit and vegetables that don't need packaging. If a product has packaging, chose one which is easy to recycle like glass, rather than plastic bottles.

Reuse shopping bags, use rechargeable instead of disposable batteries, make use of charity clothes/furniture shops and give your unwanted items to them. Dedicated websites like Free Trade Ireland and Jumbletown organise the giving and receiving of such items in Ireland. Also:

    - Avail of WEEE facilities near you to dispose of electrical equipment safely.

    - A compost bin is an essential ingredient to living a sustainable life. 

    - Use the three bin system in your home.

    - Close the loop and buy recycled.

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