Stone Corbel

This stone corbel (beam support) has been carved into a head with the typical haircut of a Dominican monk (tonsured). It was found in Arundel Square in the late 1970s and went into private hands, then passed into the hands of Our Lady of Mercy Secondary school from which Waterford City Council acquired it in 1995. It is probably from the 13th century Blackfriars Dominican Priory in Arundel Square, Waterford.

Date/period: 13th century/Anglo-Norman

Inventory no.: 1999.187

Collection: Waterford City Council

Location: Waterford Museum of Treasures exhibition

Dimensions: 260 height x 240 width mm

Provenance: Gift in 1995

Material: Stone

Further reading: Hugh Fanning O.P., The Waterford Dominicans, Waterford 1990

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