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Belt Mount

A belt or girdle was worn by both men and women from the 12th century until the early 17th century, often strengthened and decorated with metal mounts. From the belt, medieval people hung much that we today keep in pockets or handbags: a purse, a personal table-knife, a paternoster or rosary beads.

This copper mount is beautifully engraved with the figure of a lady - which expressed the chivalric gallantry of the man who wore it - holding something wrapped in linen. The image may be Saint Margaret who according to medieval tradition was presented with the head of the dragon slain by Saint George.

date/period: c.1250 A.D./Anglo-Norman

inventory no.: 1999.494

collection: Waterford City Council

location: Waterford Museum of Treasures exhibition

dimensions: 50.5 length x 9.5 width x 1 depth mm

provenance: Found in excavations of Waterford city centre 1986-1992

material: copper

Further Reading:

Late Viking Age & Medieval Waterford Excavations 1986-1992. ISBN 1 872002 98 6

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