Child's Mug

Child's mug made in Waterford by Ignatius Fleming II, c.1800, baluster form on reeded rim base, 5-form handle; the base stamped ·FLEMING, the side stamped I·F. One of a collection of extremely rare 17th and 18th century provincial and Dublin silverware, including Waterford pieces, on display since 2002. There were many fine gold and silver smiths in Waterford in the 18th century, many of whom also held civic offices.

Three generations of the Fleming family were active gold and silversmiths for all of the 18th century. Ignatius, although a Roman Catholic, was admitted a Freeman of Waterford in 1749 and died in 1755. He was followed by his son Robert and his daughter-in-law Anastasia. Their son Ignatius, born in 1766, made this exquisite child's mug.

Date/Period: c.1800 A.D./19th century

Inventory no.: 2002.0078

Collection: Waterford City Council by kind permission of a private collector

Location: Waterford Museum of Treasures exhibition

Dimensions: 65 height mm

Provenance: Private collection

Material: Silver

Further Reading

Conor O'Brien, 'Some misidentified Munster goldsmiths', The Silver Society Journal 13, Autumn 2001

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