Weaver's Comb

This is a 12th century weaving comb from the city centre excavations made of yew wood. It has short coarse teeth, three per centimetre. Weaving was an important craft in medieval times, mostly done by men while spinning was women's work. Other tools for that industry found in Waterford include a weaver's sword and pin beaters. This comb was used for beating in the weft threads together as they were woven over and back. Similar combs have been found in excavations in England and Dublin.

date/period: c.1150 A.D./Viking

inventory no.: 1999.246

collection: Waterford City Council

location: Waterford Museum of Treasures exhibition

dimensions: handle 77 length oval in section; body 87.5 width x 17 thickness all mm

provenance: Found in excavations of Waterford city centre 1986-1992

material: Wood

Further Reading:

Late Viking Age & Medieval Waterford Excavations 1986-1992. ISBN 1 872002 98 6

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