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Electric Car Charging Point

Cavan Town

Electricity offers great opportunities for an efficient and sustainable transport system. There is growing consensus that electric cars will make a real contribution towards reducing carbon emissions. In fact, Ireland is an ideal location for electric cars. As a small island, distances are limited which suits an electric car's range.

We benefit from a high proportion of wind energy that can be supplied to recharge cars overnight, at a time of lowest demand. Also, because Ireland has a high proportion of home ownership the majority of recharging will occur at night time. Unlike other countries there is a single owner of the electricity distribution system, ESB, who is responsible for rolling out the charging infrastructure nationwide.

ESB, Government and the motor industry are working closely together to support the development of electric cars and thereby meet the ambitious targets set to reduce our carbon footprint. Ireland is one of the early movers and is well positioned to be a world leader in establishing a nationwide emission free transport system.

In 2008 the Irish Government outlined its plans for 10% of the national road transport fleet to be powered by electricity by the year 2020. This means that 200,000 electric vehicles could be on our roads by 2020.

In April 2010, the Government, ESB, and the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced a comprehensive partnership to position Ireland as a European leader in electric transport. The rollout has already begun in Dublin and charging points will also be installed in Cork, Galway, Waterford and Limerick.

Cavan was the first town outside of these major urban centres to receive an on-street charging point. This charging point is in front of the Courthouse, Cavan and was installed by the ESB in August 2010. The launch of the charging point took place on 19th August 2010. The charging point is clearly signed and marked and accessible to electric vehicles owners who have registered with the ESB. The locations of all on street charging points in Ireland are available on Juice Point.

In addition, Cavan County Council is adding an electric van to its own fleet of vehicles. The Council has ordered an electric Fiat Fiorino van similar to that in the picture, to be used by Cavan County Council Water Services Section in the vicinity of Cavan.


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