Leamlara House, Co. Cork

Collection: The Standish Barry estate papers collection was donated to Cork County Library in 2001 by the widow of Prof. Dr. Richard G. Barry of Belmont, Montenotte, Cork.

Historical Background: The material relates to the Standish Barry estate at Leamlara in east county Cork. This estate was untypical insofar as the family was Roman Catholic. Their surname was Barry; the Standish Barry name was applied principally to distinguish them from other branches of the Barry family in the area.

In the 1840s the estate comprised of 3886 acres, 3 roods and 20 perches. By the 1870s it had shrunk to less than 1000 acres. By the 1940s, only 400 acres remained, at which point it was sold to the Irish Land Commission. The last remains of the estate disappeared in 1966 when Leamlara House was demolished.

Collection Details:
  The collection is comprised of:-

  • A bound volume of estate maps, covering 16 townlands, with lists of tenants. The collection of maps is dated 1846. Also included (loose) is an earlier, undated, rental.
  • Photographs, by Guy & Co., Cork of Leamlara House and of the Lodge, Leamlara; dimensions are 29 cm x 38 cm.
  • Newspaper extracts - advertisements for sale in Encumbered Estate Court of portions of the Leamlara estate and reports of such sales.

Related Material:

  • Notes on Barry family history, including history of the Standish Barry family
  • Pedigree - Barry of Leamlara - Burke's Landed Gentry Ireland 1912
  • Griffith's Valuation 1853, Co. Cork, 'Barony of Barrymore'
  • 1851 Census of Ireland, Co. Cork

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