The Cole Bowen Estate

The Bowen family of Welsh origin settled in Cork after Henry Bowen, a colonel in Oliver Cromwell's army, received land there in 1653.

In 1716, Henry Bowen of Kilbolane, Co. Cork married Jane Cole, heiress to the Ballymackey estate, and thus began the family's Tipperary connection. This alliance greatly enhanced the fortunes of the Bowen family.

The Ballymackey estate had originally been granted to Robert Cole during the Cromwellian period and unusually he chose to take up residence in his allocated lot.

The Cole estate in Co Tipperary was situated in the Roman Catholic parish of Toomevara, which was comprised mainly of the civil parish of Ballymackey, and some smaller portions of the civil parishes of Templedowney and Aghnameadle.


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