The Shaws of Dublin

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Sir Robert Shaw M.P.
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This site was developed under the directorship of Ms. Deirdre Ellis-King, Dublin City Librarian. The project team involved included Ms. Bernadette Cogan, Divisional Librarian, Mr. Alastair Smeaton, Divisional Librarian, Dr. Maire Kennedy, Divisional Librarian, Ms. Mary Clark, City Archivist, Ms. Olivia McCormack, Archivist, Mr. Seamus Meaney, Senior Librarian, Ms. Helen O'Donnell, Senior Librarian and Ms. Clodagh Kingston, Librarian. The content for this site was researched and sourced from the Dublin and Irish Collections, Dublin City Archives and other kind contributors.

The Shaws of Dublin site provides a unique insight into Dublin City's 'Big House' era. Images selected relate to the history of the Shaw family and to their residence - Bushy Park House and Demesne. The site includes fine examples of the manuscripts held in the collection of Dublin City Archive. Reference is also made to George Bernard Shaw who was a collateral descendant of the Shaws of Bushy Park. The honorary freedom of the City of Dublin was bestowed upon G. B. Shaw in 1946 and correspondence relating to this achievement is highlighted on the website. These are just some of the treasures that are held in Dublin City Library and Archive.

Dublin City Library and Archive Service

Located in the impressively refurbished building at 138 - 144 Pearse Street, Dublin City Library and Archive Service opened to the public in July 2003. The Dublin and Irish Local Studies Collections together with Dublin City Archive house significant and complementary collections of both civic and national importance. Together they provide unrivalled public access to aspects of Dublin's multi-faceted history.

For the researcher, the genealogist and the casual inquirer - in fact anyone with an interest in Dublin - the 100 seater Public Reading Room on the second floor offers the perfect opportunity to browse through the diversity of the City's past - through book, manuscript, map, photograph, newspaper and journal collections.


...G.B. Shaw:

The Archive of the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to G.B. Shaw (1925)

Listen to G.B. Shaw talking to Sixth Form students (January 1st, 1937)

Directory Listing by dmoz Open Directory Project on G.B. Shaw

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Finally, this project gratefully acknowledges the support of An Chomhairle Leabharlanna and the Department of the Environment and Local Government in developing this website.


Historical information on Dublin is available at the Dublin and Irish Collections, and Dublin City Archive held at Dublin City Library and Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

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