Other Records & Ephemera

Collections of Estate Papers sometimes include various other types of records and items, such as posters and notices, for example concerning the sale of land, printed or published pamplets and ephemera concerning an aspect of estate life such as agriculture, social organisations, investments, or political issues.

49 This is notice of the sale of a tenants leasehold interest in Rathcoole containing thirty acres. This practice was known as the Ulster Custom in some parts of the country as Ulster was where it originated and was most widespread. (31 December 1881) (Colthurst Estate Papers)

104 Invitation from Lord Doneraile to John Keeffe, Tenant, to a dinner celebrating the coming of age of Hayes St. Leger, '...only son of your Landlord...', at the Public School House, Doneraile. On reverse, written by hand,'Refused to Go'. [c.1800] (Doneraile Estate Papers)

152 Poster advertisement for the letting of Grazing at Burton Park demesne, Churchtown, and the lands of Graig, county Cork, encompassing 140 and 130 acres respectively. [c.1900] (Ryan Purcell Estate Papers)

161 Irish Distress and Its Remedies. The Land Question. A Visit to Donegal and Connaught in the Spring of 1880. Concentrates on the distress suffered by small farmers and suggests remedies. James Tuke is famous for writing a publication entitled 'A Visit to Connaught in the Autumn of 1847.' (1880) (Ryan Purcell Papers)

233 Notice of Auction of Farm stock and implements at Burton Park, Churchtown, county Cork. An "Important and Attractive Auction of the following Highly Bred Stock, also of Carriages, Household Funiture & c...". Auction held to pay off the debts of the late John Purcell. Among the items sold are post chaise and elaborate and expensive furniture. Farm stock sold includes 152 prime ewes and forty-seven highly bred heiffers. (1853) (Ryan Purcell Papers)

260 Seed Catalogue of John Bourke & Sons, agricultural providers, Kanturk, county Cork. Vegetable seed prices and sowing instructions. These instructions include, when to sow, what type of soil to sow them in and so on. [c.1900]

262 Rules and membership of the Cork County Club. This gives the rules of the Cork County Club and a list of members. [c.1900]


283 Borough of Bandon Bridge. List of Persons on Freeman's Roll. List of those entitled to vote and their addresses. It also gives the value of the properties they held. Certified by S.R Tresilian, Clerk to the Town Commissioners. (1882) (Bandon Estate)

289 Yearly Report of the African Rubber Company. This is a report of work carried out by the African Rubber Company in 1906. 9,200 acres are held, mainly in the Gold Coast Colony, 'Five Degrees North of the Equator...AN IDEAL COUNTRY for the PARA RUBBER TREE...LABOUR IS CHEAP...' Landlords may have invested in such ventures using the purchase money from the sale of their estates in commerce ventures worldwide. (1907) (Bandon Estate)

'Advance Agriculture 1904'

291 Booklet entitled 'Advance Agriculture 1904'. This contains a number of articles on the manufacturing of manure as well as a description of various bulls and rams. It also describes other materials that can be used a fertilizers. (1904) (Bandon Estate)

300 Notice of Execution sale of the holding of John Kelleher. This was ordered by the Sheriff of Cork to settle the case of the Rev. S.H. Payne versus John Kelleher. The chattel and goods of John Kelleher were to be sold at a public auction. (1891) (Bandon Estate)

305 Leaflet on 'Winter Egg Production', from the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland. The Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction was set up in 1899 to help improve Irish agricultural practices. (1903) (Bandon Estate)

307 Notice of Auction of farm of 104 acres at Holly Hill, Blarney Road, Cork. Lands known as Knockcullen and Knocknaheeny. Farm held under two leases, annual rent of £118.11.8 & £78.16.4. Farm is all grass with the exception of six acres of turnips and half an acre of potatoes. 'Within a Quarter Mile of the Borough Boundary'. Sale at South Mall, Cork, W. Marsh & Sons, Auctioneers. (1900) (Exham Flynn Solicitors Papers)

329 Licence to keep Arms. With Signatures of 2 Justices of the Peace. With a list of duties or obligations for those who carry firearms. (3 January 1841)

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