Green Business

There are two basic routes that businesses can travel down to become more sustainable. The first is that management can implement policies and activities to encourage things like re-use and recycling. The second is for employees to lead by example, so that they will motivate and encourage their employers to take action. Changes with sustainability in mind will result in an improved bottom line and make for a healthier and happier workforce.


Business Tips

A waste audit is a central theme when striving for a greener business. The Green Business website enables users to analyse their waste and water output.

  • Choose an energy company that is committed to renewable energy.

  • Develop a supplier policy that outlines what you expect from suppliers to help you achieve sustainability.

  • Use only eco-friendly office equipment (furniture that is built to last) and supplies (eco-cleaners).

  • Close the loop and buy recycled products (paper, buckets pens).

  • Encourage electronic circulation of documents.

  • Discourage printing by only having one or two large networked printers, and default to double-sided printing.

  • Use a plumbed-in mains water filter, chiller or fountain rather than a replaceable drum water machine. This will save most offices hundreds if not thousands of euros per year.

  • Separate your paper and cardboard for recycling.

  • Purchase in bulk.

  • Prevent and reduce ‘start-up’ wastage.

Company cars - support alternative fuels and reduce the impacts of your vehicles by planting native trees.

Employee Tips

The easiest way to become more sustainable is to reduce the resources you use every day. This may include:

  • Print only when you need to, and print double sided.

  • Turning a computer off at the end of the day can save up to €19 on electricity each year.

  • Use energy efficient appliances and lighting.

  • Reuse and recycle as much as you can (toner cartridges, paper, cans and glass, food scraps, mobile phones and batteries).

  • Share office equipment like staplers and hole punches instead of have one for each person.

The Green jobs website lists sustainable jobs which are on offer in Ireland.

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