An Overview of the Years 1991-2000

The 1990s witnessed the post-Communist realignment of Europe and the proposed expansion of the European Union to admit countries from Eastern Europe, formerly part of the Soviet Block. The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict remained unresolved. Worldwide economic boom with the development of the internet, and the rise of .com companies.

In Ireland it was the decade of the 'Celtic Tiger' with a huge growth in hi-tech computer-based industries. For the first time immigration replaced emigration. In 1994 the IRA ceasefire and the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement of 1998 brought 30 years of violence in the North of Ireland to an end.

1991 Dublin City of Culture.

1998 (10 April) Belfast Agreement (or Good Friday Agreement) signed.

2000 (18 Mar) U2 receive Freedom of Dublin.

2000 City Hall renovated.

Dublin City Public Libraries


1998 Irish Times, 11th April - Irish Times

2000 Irish Independent, 20th March - Irish Independent

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