Nearby Big Houses in Co. Meath

William Larkin's Engraved Map of County Meath is used here to pinpoint some of the other Big Houses in this part of County Meath, some of whose inhabitants were friends and relatives of the Tisdalls.

Allenstown House

Allenstown House was built in the 1730's and was the home of the Waller family. They were close associates of the Tisdalls, acting as executors to their wills and advisers on estate management. Mary Waller married Daniel Beaufort in 1767 and Daniel interested himself in later Charlesfort House modifications. Allenstown House was demolished in 1938.

Ardbraccan church and Bishop's house

Ardbraccan was the seat of the Bishops of Meath from the 14th century. Bishop Dopping restored the church ruinous since 1641. It opened in 1685. Until the building of a church at Athgaine in the early 1850's the Tisdalls worshipped here. Bishop Arthur Price employed Richard Castle to design a Palladian style bishop's residence in 1734. The house was finally finished over 40 years later with Daniel Beaufort having some involvement in revised plans.

Gibbstown House

This was the estate of the Gerrard family from the mid 17th century. At the end of the 19th century the family replaced their house with a very impressive Italianate house designed by W H Lynn. It was dismantled in the 1960's.

Headfort House

Headfort estate was purchased in 1660 by Thomas Taylour, assistant of Sir William Petty of Down Survey fame. The house, considered plain, is dated to c. 1755-1770, while the neo-classical Robert Adam interiors of 1771 and 1775 design are very highly regarded.

King's Fort and Cherrymount

John Chaloner began building King's Fort in the mid 18th century and their early Georgian Cherrymount residence became the family's dower house. John's heir, Richard, responsible for major landscaping at King's Fort, was married to Charles Tisdall's great-granddaughter,
Henrietta. King's Fort House is now in ruins.

Mountainstown House

Mountainstown House, a Queen Anne style residence, was built c. 1720 by a member of the Gibbon family. The Pollock family bought the estate in 1780 and still live there.

Oatland House

This was the home of the Thompson family. Robert Thompson's Statistical Survey of the County of Meath was published by the Royal Dublin Scoiety in 1802.

Rockfield House

This was the home of the Rothwell family. The original house was built here in the early 18th century. The present house dates from the 19th century.

Williamstown House

This was originally the home of the Cuffe family. It was built at the end of the 18th century to Palladian design. The house was modified in the early 19th century and was much commented on by the neighbouring Richard Chaloner. It was later owned and altered by the Garnett family, but is now unoccupied and semi-derelict.

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