The Roslea Incident

The Roslea Incident refers to an event involving the 5th Lord Rossmore in October 1883.At this time of increasing political conflict, when the issues of Home Rule and the land question dominated, a series of monster rallys were organised by Nationalists in support of Parnell's Irish National League.

Counter-demonstrations were arranged by local Orangemen to take place at the same time and location, leading to confrontation and in some cases violence.

On 16th October 1883 Nationalists, led by recently elected M.P. Timothy Michael Healy, organised a rally to take place in Roslea, County Fermanagh.

Lord Rossmore helped organise and lead a massive counter-demonstration of approx. 8,000 Orangemen, leading to a tense stand-off between both groups.

For his part in the events that day Lord Rossmore was dismissed by the Government from the bench of Magistrates, and for a time became a hero figure within the Orange Order, with numerous articles, letters and songs written in his favour.


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