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Lon dubh

The blackbird is one of the most common birds found in Ireland. It makes its nests in trees, brambly bushes and sometimes in old buildings. It gathers lots of grass, leaves and twigs to make its nests and uses mud to keep it all together!

Have you ever made a bird's nest?

How to recognise a blackbird

It is very easy to spot the male blackbird. As you probably know, he has long black wings and a colourful orange/ yellow beak. However, the female blackbird is a brownish colour and sometimes has spots on her breast. She also has a darker beak. They can grow up to twenty-nine cm in length.

Blackbirds mainly like to live in woodland areas, but can be seen all over the country hopping through hedges and searching for juicy worms on the lawn. They have a very healthy diet, and love to eat fruit and seeds as well as insects like worms and snails!

Have you ever seen a blackbird in your garden?

Did you know that the blackbird is very famous singer amongst our feathered friends? It sings a lovely flute-like song that you can hear very clearly in the dawn chorus. If you wake up early, you might be lucky and hear its song!

If you like, you can listen to its song here

Blackbird Song

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Blackbird Song

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