Song Thrush

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Smólach ceoil

The song thrush is a very common bird in Ireland. It has a brown back and wings, with a white-yellow underneath colour. Sometimes it has black spots on its breast.

Like most other birds, it likes to live in gardens, parks or woodland areas. If you are out playing in the garden, it's really very easy to recognise the song thrush.

Unlike other birds, it repeats its song twice. Listen to it's song

Thrush Song

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  and see if you can hear the repitition.

The song thrush loves to eat snails! Have you ever found empty, broken snail shells around stones on the ground? This is often because the song thrush has cracked the shell on a stone so it can feed on the snail.

Its diet also includes insects, worms and berries. Have you ever seen the song thrush searching for worms in the garden? It skips along the grass with its head tilted to one side. It has to do this when looking for food as its eyes are on the side of its head!