Mute Swan

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Eala Bhalbh

This beautiful bird can be found all around Ireland. Its feathers are all white, and it has an orange bill with black edges.

Its long, curved neck makes the mute swan a very elegant looking bird, and its webbed feet help it to move quickly in the water.

The mute swam lives on rivers, lakes and sometimes estuaries. The male helps the female build the nest, which she usually likes to be at the edge of the lake or river as this offers more protection. They build the nest from reeds, sticks and plant debris.

You might think that the mute swan doesn't make any noise, like its name suggests. This isn't true at all! This swan is very capable of making lots of loud hissing noise when it's in danger.

Be careful if you see mute swans as they can get quite aggressive if an unwelcomed guest gets too close. Its much better to admire them from a distance!

Do you know what a young mute swan is called?

It's called a cygnet.