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The cuckoo is a migrating bird. This means that for half of the year, it lives in one part of the world and for the other half it migrates or moves to live in a different part of the world.

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When you see a cuckoo in Ireland, people say that it is a sign that spring has arrived as this is when it leaves Africa.

The cuckoo has a blue-grey head and white underneath with black bars. Its wings are spotted and it has two yellow feet.

Can you guess how the cuckoo got its name?

When the male calls out, it makes a low sound like coo-coo coo coo-coo! However, the female's call is very different.

You can listen to the cuckoo’s song here.

It is similar to other birds as it likes to live in woodlands, near farms or along the coast. It also eats insects, and caterpillars are one of their favourite meals!

However, it is quite different to other birds in one way - it doesn't build its own nest, but takes another bird's nest instead!

Once it finds a nest to live in, it removes any eggs that are already in it to make room for its own egg.

It really is a very cheeky bird!