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Snag breac

The magpie belongs to the crow family and is another very common bird in Ireland. It is easy to spot because of its black and white colour and the green sheen on its long tail. The magpie is a very noisy bird and makes a sharp sound. If there was a magpie outside, you would probably be able to hear it, even if you couldn't see it!

Like other birds, it builds its nest with twigs and mud up in the trees. It also feeds on worms, slugs and other insects. However, the magpie has a reputation as a thief. This is probably because it will eat almost anything, including food dropped by humans or even food left out for cats and dogs.

When you're leaving food out for your pet, be careful the magpie doesn't eat it first!

Did you know?

When a group of magpies come together it is called a magpie parliament. At these meetings they jump and chase each other around, and there is a lot of loud chatter!