Crofton House

(It clearly was an imposing structure and reflects the influence of neo-classicism prevalent at this time. This style emphasizes for the first time a sense of permanence and security among the landowning class. The house was the most impressive of its type built in Co. Roscommon, the others of this period being located at Runnamoat near
Ballymoe, and Sandford House in

The house was originally an irregular two-storey-over-basement house, which the architect Richard Morrison more than doubled in size by adding six bays and an extra storey. It had a deep hall with a screen of columns, beyond which a door flanked by niches led into an oval library in the bow on the garden front.

These gardens contained many fine architectural features, some of which are still intact. Perhaps the most splendid surviving feature is the original entrance gate consisting of a Doric triumphal arch surmounted by a lion with screen walls linking it to a pair of identical lodges.

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