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The 1950's and early 1960's saw the final nail driven in the big house's coffin with the Land Commission demolishing the house completely. Much of the beautiful woods surrounding the house were also felled, and replaced with newer mixed conifer species. The remaining land was divided into several properties for families transferred from the nearby
congested districts.

Now, instead of the big house, many smaller farm houses lay scattered over what was once the Crofton estate, while the present Lord Crofton, Guy, son of Edward Blaise, lives and works as a diplomat in Germany. Mote Park still attracts many visitors however, marketed now as a heritage walkway, almost 10 miles in length and taking in whatever original features still remaining intact.

Sources used in addition to the Crofton papers located in Roscommon County Library. These are also all available at Roscommon Co. Library.

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