Carlow - Graigue 1798 Memorial

The memorial cross to the United Irishmen who were killed during the attack on Carlow in May 1798 was unveiled on the 24th of July 1898 in a ceremony marking the centenary of the Rebellion. It was executed by James Walsh a local sculptor who resided at John Street. The design for this memorial was the work of W.P. Hade, C.E. Carlow. The cross is made of limestone which was sourced nearby in the Carlow Graigue quarries. This imposing monument has a total height of fifteen feet. The arms are four feet across. The cap is a separate stone which has been panelled and interlaced. There are a total of thirty six decorated panels in the Celtic tradition.

The inscription which is in both Irish and English reads "I gcuimhneamh ar sé céid fear agus dá fichid d'fhearaibh Éireann d'imir a nanam agus do dhoirt a gcuid fola ag troid mór catha ar an láthair seo in aghaidh gall an cá ficheadh do bhealtaine san mbliadhain d'Aois an Tighearna Míle Seacht gCéid nóca a hocht. Suaimhneas síorruidhe go dtugaidh Dia dhóibh. Amen." In memory of the 640 United Irishmen who gave their lives for their country at the Battle of Carlow May 25th 1798.

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