Webb: Compendium of Irish Biography

Pdf Webb, Alfred. A Compendium of Irish Biography: comprising sketches of distinguished Irishmen, and of eminent persons connected with Ireland by office or by their writings. Dublin: M.H. Gill & Son, 1878
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Alfred John Webb (1834-1908) was born in Dublin to a Quaker family. They educated him there before he joining his father's printing firm. He was first elected to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom on 24 February 1890, when he won a by-election for the West Waterford constituency. In the general election of 1892, he was successful for West Waterford again but then as an anti-Parnellite MP.

Webb had a role in every major nationalist organization from Butt’s Home Government Association to the United Irish League. He visited India and became an avid supporter of Anti-Caste, Britain’s first anti-racism journal which started in 1888. He was the third non-Indian to preside over the Indian national Congress at Madras in 1894. Researchers report that largely due to Webb and his activism, others supported the cause and the formation of ‘The Society for the Furtherance of Human Brotherhood’.

In 1878 he issued a Compendium of Irish Biography, giving an alphabetical account of some 350 distinguished Irishmen and women. The work also included sketches of the individuals.

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