Town Hall

The Town Hall, an imposing structure, was built around 1880 on the site of an old market house and stood in the Market Square.

When the Corporation of Maryborough was abolished in the reign of King William IV, it then became the Town Hall. On Thursday, March 16th 1945 fire broke out in the Town Hall. It was discovered by Mary Jo McCormack, who was awoken by the noise. She woke her mother who raised the alarm to her neighbour - Mr George Hinds - who rang the fire brigade.

The fire was rampant and the Fire Brigade gave special attention to the north end of the building where the Town Commission Office was located. They prevented the fire from destroying the office and the contents were later removed undamaged. The origin of the fire is unknown.

The site is now occupied by a beautiful statue, erected in honour of Our Lady by the people of the parish.


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