Over 70 miles of canals extend across the countryside of Co Kildare. Sections of the Grand Canal, Royal Canal and the Barrow Line travel through the county. They were once the bloodline of the local economy, forming the main transport routes in Kildare. Today these waterways are a part of Kildare’s built heritage. They are a place of relaxation that supports a large eco-system of diverse plant and animal species.

Barges Carrying Barrels of Guinnes, Dublin
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The banks of the canals make peaceful walkways where the nature of the surrounding areas can be fully appreciated. The wet grassland areas along the canal are characterised by a variety of sedges and grasses. In the springtime, water avens, orchids, Marsh Marigolds, Yellow Iris’ and many more wonderful wildflowers begin to flourish. In the autumn, all manner of brambles such as hawthorn and blackberry bushes become heavy with berries for birds and other wildlife to feast on.

Foxes and badgers are common mammals that hunt along the canal banks. Otters are also commonly seen throughout the whole canal system.

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