Dublin Mountains

The Dublin/ Wicklow mountains form a natural County boundry between Wicklow  and Dublin. Some of the mountains and peaks in this range  are in South Dublin and they continue over to Dun Laoighre Rathdown. The Glenesmole valley also lies in the Dublin mountains.

Peaks in South Dublin include Kippure 2,470 feet to the North, to the West is the Seefingan Mountain 2,364 Feet, Ballinescorney, Ballymorefinn 1,689, Corrig 2,055, Slievenabawg 2,055 feet and to the east the main hills are Glassmuckey, Piperstown and Montpellier  -also know as the Hellfire Club.

The mountains are a habitat for all types of wildlife, flora and fauna and many varieties of trees. Several woods cover the mountains such as the woods at the Hell Fire Club and woods on Massey’s Estate.

They are also an important amenity for the people of the local area. Mountaineering, hiking, biking and bird watching are popular and draw a lot of tourists into the county.

For more information on the Dublin Mountain Partnership please visit www.dublinmountains.ie





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