Fenor Bog Nature Reserve

About 3.5% of Waterford is under peat bogs, which is mostly concentrated in the upland mountain regions of the blanket bog in the Comeraghs and wetland fen habitat at Fenor Bog. Fenor Bog covers an area of 32 acres and was designated as Waterford’s first National Nature Reserve in 2001.

Fenor Bog is actually an alkaline fen and has a rich flora and fauna community. It is also home to many rare marsh flora species, as well as numerous species of open country and bogland birds as well as butterflies. Breeding snipe, cuckoo, stonechat, warblers, Reed Bunting and Barn Owls all occur here. The Short-eared Owl has also been seen, but to a lesser extent than Barn Owls. Blue Tits, wrens and Great Tits are commonly spotted foraging in the bogland vegetation.

Barn Owl
Copyright Mike Brown

The Butterfly community of Fenor Bog includes Green-veined Whites, Orange Tips, Small Whites, Small Tortoiseshells, Speckled Woods, Dark-green Fritillaries and many more.

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